Develop Only*
Film Size Color Black and White
135 / 120 / 220 $6.00 $11.00
110 / APS $12.00 $17.00

* Blank rolls will be refunded in the form of store credit.
** Additional $1 per stop for BW push/pull.

Add Digital Scans
Film Size Small* (1565px) Medium (3130) Large (6774px)
135 +$6.00 +$9.00 +$14.00
120 +$6.00 NA +$14.00
220 +20.00 +$38.00 +$60.00

Small scans are good for proofs/web, prints up to 4"x6"
Medium scans are sharper, prints up to 5"x7"
Large scans prints up to 12"x18"
Pixel size above is long side.

* Small scans are scanned mainly on auto-pilot mode with minimal corrections to density. Medium and Large scans are mildly corrected with adjustments to create an image as close to the intended film stock profile as possible.
** Some TIFF scan orders may require a flash drive or hard drive for files to be transferred to.
***Additional $4 for cut rolls.

Prints with dev + scan at Treehouse
Print Size Price
3.5x5" +$12.00/roll
4x6" +$15.00/roll
5x5" +8.00/roll

Prints Only
Print Size Price
3.5x5" $0.39/print
4x6" $0.49/print
5x5" $1.95/print
5x7" $2.45/print
8x10" $4.95/print
8x12" $5.95/print
11x14" $11.50/print
13x19" $17.75/print