What are your hours?
The lab is open Monday thru Friday, 11am-5pm.  We are closed on weekends and several major holidays.

What Services do you offer?
We are a film lab that processes and scans 35mm and 120 film in Color Negative (C-41), Black and White, and Slide Film (E6).  We also offer photo printing up to 8x12 inches in house.

Can I drop off my film instead of shipping it?
Yes, we are open for walk-ins.  No appointment necessary.

What is your turnaround time?
Currently our turnaround time for color film is 2-3 business days.  Black and White film is only processed twice a week and turnaround time is 3-5 business days.  E6 is done about once a month as we wait for a small batch to do all at once.  For larger orders, turnaround times may be longer.

Are you guys the same as Treehouse in Kaka’ako?
Yes, we operate under the same business, but at separate locations.  Treehouse in Kaka’ako is a retail shop that sells film, film cameras, accessories and more.  They are open on weekends and also accept film drop-offs.



Which Service do I Choose?
"SHIP, DEV, SCAN & PRINT" for any undeveloped rolls of film.  Fill out the appropriate menus to complete your order.  

"DEVELOP ONLY" for any film you want processed but not scanned.  Choosing this means you are scanning your own film at home.

"SCAN ONLY" if your film is already processed (where you can see the images on your film) and you want us to scan your film to send as digital files.

"PRINTS ONLY" if you have files you want us printed.  These can be any images, whether or not we scanned them.  Send the files in a JPEG format.  If you're sending multiple images to print, you can send them in a .zip file.

Can you ship my negatives back to me?
Yes, we can ship them back to you.  Select “I want my negatives delivered to me” in your online order and a shipping fee will be added.  We can ship anywhere domestically in the US.  We ship via USPS.  

I Paid Shipping but didn't get a Prepaid Shipping Label to send my film
Unfortunately we do not offer prepaid envelopes to send your film to us.  The shipping fee is for us to send your film back via USPS.  If you selected to "Dispose Negatives" but paid the shipping fee, we can easily refund that cost back to you.



I finished my online order.  How do I send my film?
You can ship your film directly to the lab.  Our address is 1950 Young Street, Honolulu, HI 96826.  Pack your film in a little sealable bag to keep them secure and pack that in a small padded envelope or box.  In your package, include a small note with your name, email, and the 4 digit order number you received in your order confirmation email.  Take a photo/write down your tracking number to track your package.  Only send your film with your little note.  Any other packaging/containers/etc will be recycled or disposed of.



Can you Push/Pull Film?
We cannot Push/Pull color film.  However, we can Push/Pull Black and White Film.  If your BW film needs to be Pushed/Pulled, include a little note with your film.

I have expired film.  Can I process that?
Yes, as long as the film canister says "C-41", "Black and White" or E-6 somewhere.  

Do you guys develop disposable cameras?
Yes, we can develop disposable cameras.

What if my film is blank?
If your color film is blank, we'll refund the developing and scanning cost in store credit.  If your Black and White or E6 is blank, we will only refund the scanning cost since those are developed by hand.

Can you cross-process E6 film?
Yes, we can cross-process E6.  The cost will be the same as our C-41 development.

What types of film can you develop?
We can process C-41 film in the formats 35mm, 120, 110, and APS.  Black and White and E-6 we can only do 35mm and 120 film.  We do not process movie film (Super 8, 16mm, etc).

I have Kodachrome.  Can you process that?
We do not process Kodachrome.  Additionally we do not process ECN-2 film and Seattle Film Works.  



What scanners are you using?
We use Noritsu scanners for all rolls of film.  

Help, I don’t know what scanning size to choose.  What are the different sizes in scans?
Scan sizes are all based on the resolution of the images.  Small is good for using on your phone and social media or to use as 4x6 prints.  Medium is good for any images used for your portfolio, digital work, or for prints up to 8x10.  Large is for professional photo editing or for those that need prints that are 16x20 inches or bigger.

How will my images be delivered?
We will send you the scans via a Dropbox link.  Your images will be up on Dropbox indefinitely, so as long as you have the email with the link, you can access your files.  If you don’t see an email in your inbox, check your Spam/Junk folders as sometimes it’ll end up in there.  



What size prints do you guys offer?
We offer all standard print sizes between 3.5x5 inches up to 8x12 inches.  View our pricing sheet to see each size and cost per print.

What types of paper do you print on?
We offer Glossy paper and Luster paper.  Glossy is a shiny paper finish, while Luster is more like a Semi-Gloss look.  We do not offer Matte paper.

Do you also offer frames?
We do not do any framing.